canadiary Toronto

Diary of Events and Happenings in Toronto, Ontario.

Free Public Art Tour

Saturday 24 February 2024 - - Barcelos Rooster by Julia Prajza - Dollarama Mural by SA - Portuguese Fisherman by Pablo Gomez AKA Pablo West - Dying Ocean by Essencia Collective - The Dream by Emmanuel Jarus (In collaboration with Rudjer) - Batucada by Jose Ortega - The Three Sisters by Paula Tikay & Aner - City of Music by Jieun June Kim with Pablo West & Giovanni Zamora - Eastern Cottontail by Bordalo II -Dundas West by Jose Ortega -Patrice by Emmanuel Jarus (In collaboration with Rudjer) - Lula Lane by various artists - Corn Girl by Shalak - French Woman by Hayley Crossley - Selva (jungle) by Clandestinos Crew - Violeta’s Garden by Tikay & Aner - Cat & Mouse by Jonny Cakes & Sewp - Scratching the Surface by Vhils - Roots of Hope by Giovanni Zamora - NACIONES by INTI - Violeta’s Guardian by Tikay & Aner - Love Bot by Matthew Del Degan - Sol by Jose Ortega - Amália Rodrigues Centenary Project by Matthew Cadoch - - Event Details