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Perspective: through the eye of the beholder

Queen Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by the incredibly talented Kathryn Kirkpatrick. “Perspective: through the eye of the beholder” is an exhibition of realist paintings narrating the nuanced perspective of the artist and her unique perception of the world around her. Kathryn Kirkpatrick is a visual artist and practicing litigation lawyer, with formal educational background in ballet, visual art, teaching and law. Kathryn uses art as a form of communication: of ideas, images, experiences, reactions and moments in time. Using simple lines and monochromatic images, Kathryn explores the complex relationships between art, language and societal constructs. Kathryn’s work has been exhibited in numerous shows in Canada and NYC. “As an artist, I can control (at least to some degree) what the viewer sees and when, but I cannot control how the viewer sees or perceives the work. Perception is influenced by a myriad of factors: it is entirely subjective and contextual, and determines one’s perspective. While I choose to depict an image according to my perspective, the viewer will only ever truly see it, and perceive it, through his/her own individual perspective. Essentially, “art” is in the visual and intellectual eye of the beholder.” – Kathryn Kirkpatrick Join us for the exhibition opening reception on November 13, 7 - 9 pm. Kathryn will join us to discuss her artistic journey, technique and her artworks. . .downtown