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Spolia Opima: Ted Zourntos Solo Exhibition

Spolia Opima: Ted Zourntos Solo Exhibition Presented by : Project Gallery Toronto Dates: April 24, 2016 Event Time(s): 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Phone: 416-315-1192 Website: Email: [email protected] In his latest series of paintings Ted Zourntos continues to probe and interrogate the inner workings of consumer culture. Spolia Opima or “rich spoils” is an ancient Roman term referring to the plunder and riches stripped from a defeated general in mortal combat. These complex still life paintings connect consumerism, the oil economy and military conflict through subtle and satirical juxtapositions of disposable dollar store trinkets and novelties. Through his paintings, the artist dismantles notions of value to reveal the systematic dysfunction within contemporary consumer culture. . Event Details. Location: 1109 Queen Street E, Toronto